compiling log4cplus with SunStudio 12.3 beta on OpenIndiana

I experimented with log4cplus on Windows and MinGW, which is an
exquisite suite for compiling on Windows.

Today I attempted to compile the library on my OpenIndiana 151 box.

The compilation with the GCC 4.6.1 was no problem.
The next attempt was to compile with the SunStudio Compiler 12.3 beta, which
is now called Oracle Solaris Studio ( found the former name better, because
the compiler suite is also available for linux which has nothing to do with
solaris ).

The compilation by configure does not continue without problems.
First the PTHREAD was not found -> changed path, so that SUNWspro
was found first and set CC=cc & CXX=CC
Configure was not a problem now, but compiling or to be exact the linking
didn't succeed.

CC: Warning: -xarch=amd64 is deprecated, use -m64 to create 64-bit programs
CC: -library=Cstd cannot be used with -library=stlport4

Therefore I had to manually edit libtool and remove the option -library=Cstd
and also the linking was fine.

Compiled for 32 and 64 bit.