Something strange happend to my Crossbow Network

I'm using the virtual network Crossbow on my OpenIndiana, to route the
traffice between Windows XP in VirtualBox, a Zone and the outer world by
using a virtual network switch.

It worked till Wednesday, but after shut down and starting on Thursday
XP could not connect anymore????.

The Zone can connect and can be pinged from the host, XP not????.

Now I've change to use NAT in VirtualBox and changed in Windows XP the
network to DHCP and the connection itself works but not over the virtual

Have to investigate sometime later why this happened.

Found the problem in my own former post.

The problem seems that the mac adresse didn't match between VirtualBox
and the setting of the vnic as shown be dladm show-vnic

root@solewer:~# dladm show-vnic
LINK         OVER         SPEED  MACADDRESS        MACADDRTYPE         VID
vnic1        vswitch1     0      2:8:20:55:9e:bf   random              0
vnicvsop0    vswitch1     0      2:8:20:7b:84:43   random              0
vnicsuse1    vswitch1     0      2:8:20:b3:bf:c1   random              0
vnicwinxp2   vswitch1     0      2:8:20:17:e7:c8   random              0