Jan 31, 2012

NetBeans change size of font in editor window by +mouse scroll wheel

On my OpenIndiana installation I accidentally discovery the feature to
increase the font size by pressing <ctrl>-<mouse wheel scrolling>.

Jan 28, 2012

Wine on OpenIndiana - LiberOffice ok, Skype fails :-(

Because of the current step on trying to get LibreOffice to OpenIndiana,
I read in a mailing list about using LibreOffice 3.5rc2 on wine.

The wine Package itself is in the repository sfe-encumbred
( http://pkg.openindiana.org/sfe-encumbered/ ).

Wine needs also the gecko engine for html rendering.

The simple commands were:
$ wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/wine/wine_gecko-1.4-x86.msi
$ sudo mkdir -p /usr/share/wine/gecko
$ sudo mv wine_gecko-1.4-x86.msi /usr/share/wine/gecko/
from http://wiki.winehq.org/Gecko 

LibreOffice is from the link embedded in the mailinglist entry.

It is a msi package, which has to be installed with 

wine msiexec /i xyz.msi

I also tried Skype, but the latest version has hugh problems and does
not start.

LibreOffice works so far.

But with proxies I have problems.

Jan 26, 2012

UrukDroid 1.6.1 -> Flight-Mode -> resume fails

My Archos-Tablet 10.1 IT is on UrukDroid 1.6.1.

I'm using a Widget for activating WiFi.

The last time I attempted to use the Flight-Mode switch, but as it seems, every
2nd wakeup does not wakeup the screen, so I had to do a hard reset ( 10 secs on the power button ) and reboot.

Without using the Flight-Mode and only activate/deactivate the WIFI resume works
for me every time.

Hidden or for me unknow NetBeans Feature to show two files side by side

In NetBeans I'd sometimes compare the some code in the same file side by side.

To get the same file opened a second time, there is a clone-Item in the right-click-menu on the tab-Item.

To see it side by side, I dragged one around to fit it side by side, but the
right-click-menu has a "New Document Tab Group". This does it automatically and
has also a "Collapse Document Tab Group".

Jan 13, 2012

Problems on OpenIndiana 151a with the g++ from the SFE repository

I'm trying to compile a simple C++ file on my OpenIndiana 151a with
the g++ from the SFE repository.

root@solewer:/usr/gcc/4.6# g++ --version
g++ (GCC) 4.6.2
Copyright (C) 2011 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is NO

But this results in a lot of errors during the assembly stage:
root@solewer:~# g++ a.cpp
Assembler: a.cpp
    "/var/tmp//cclAa4ot.s", line 80 : Syntax error
    Near line: "    .uleb128 .LLSDACSE549-.LLSDACSB549"
    "/var/tmp//cclAa4ot.s", line 82 : Syntax error
    Near line: "    .uleb128 .LEHB0-.LFB549"
    "/var/tmp//cclAa4ot.s", line 83 : Syntax error
    Near line: "    .uleb128 .LEHE0-.LEHB0"

With the g++ from /usr/sfw/bin ( pkg://openindiana.org/developer/gcc-3
)  the compilation succeeded.

I've now started with execsnoop to see whats happening:

g++ from the SFE repository uses the default assembler:
    0   7755   7662 g++ a.cpp
    0   7756   7755
solaris2.11/4.6.2/cc1plus -quiet a.cpp
-quiet -dum
    0   7758   7662 /usr/bin/hostname
    0   7757   7755 /usr/ccs/bin/as -s -o /var/tmp//ccYHayjp.o

but using /usr/sfw/bin/g++ from (
pkg://openindiana.org/developer/gcc-3 ) the gcc  has its own assembler

    0   7762   7662 /usr/sfw/bin/g++ a.cpp
    0   7763   7762
/usr/sfw/libexec/gcc/i386-pc-solaris2.11/3.4.3/cc1plus -quiet a.cpp
-quiet -dum
    0   7764   7762 /usr/sfw/libexec/gcc/i386-pc-solaris2.11/3.4.3/as
--traditional-format -Qy -s -
    0   7765   7762
/usr/sfw/libexec/gcc/i386-pc-solaris2.11/3.4.3/collect2 -Y

Compiling a C file with  gcc works for both 4.6.2 and 3.4.3

The usage of the assembler under ccs is the problem. I searched for
other assemblers on my system and found:
root@solewer:/usr# find . -name as -print

But the searchpath of gcc does not search in /usr/gnu:

[ewer@solewer:~/tmp]$g++ -print-search-dirs
programs: =/usr/gcc/4.6/lib/gcc/i386-pc-

Programs are only search in the /usr/gcc/4.6 folders. So I made a soft
link from
/usr/gcc/4.6/i386-pc-solaris2.11 -> /usr/gnu/i386-pc-solaris2.11/

After this link the compilation and linking works again without
problems and the
created executeables can run.

But I don't know why or if this has changed. Because I had already compiled
with this compiler from the SFE repository.

Jan 10, 2012

Show sender of e-mail in thunderbird message pane

Thunderbird shows in the message pane the "From".

I get also e-mails, where the senders are using the same name in From, but have
different entries in the sender tag.

To see also the sender in the Messages pane, you have to activate it in the config

Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced 
Here the tab General contains a button "Config Editor"

Search for
and set it to true.
After a restart, thunderbird shows also the sender in the message pane. 

Jan 4, 2012

Browser Testframework SST using Selenium

For longer time I know about Selenium, which supports multiple language
to create testcases.
Some days ago, I found a link about SST -
SST - Web Test Framework

in the following blogpost from Corey Goldberg
This allows to simplify the testing, which are processed as
unit tests.

A simple example:
from sst.actions import *

go_to( "http://www.ubuntu.com" )
assert_title_contains( "Homepage | Ubuntu" )
[ewer@solewer:~/tmp]$sst-run -b Firefox -d mytest/
starting SST...

  date time: 2012-01-04 11:46
  test directory: 'mytest/'
  report format: 'console'
  browser type: 'Firefox'
  javascript disabled: False
  shared directory: None
  screenshots on error: False
  failfast: False
  debug: False
  headless xserver: False

  1 test cases loaded

test_a (sst.runtests.TestA) ...    
    Starting Firefox:
    Going to... http://www.ubuntu.com
    Waiting for get_element
    Stopping browser

Ran 1 test in 4.885s

This opens a firefox windows, executes the task and shows the test. 

lightning Plugin 1.1 for Thunderbird 9.x on OpenIndiana/Solaris is available

Thunderbird for Solaris/ OpenIndiana x86 is available since some time, but I'm
also using lightning ( the calendar plugin ), which is not running, even when
patching the version in install.rdf.

But today I found a new plugin in the download folder for 1.1 which is
compatible with Thunderbird 9.0.
But currently there is also thunderbird 9.0.1 available, which I have running
here on OpenIndiana and the lightning plugin doesn't work.
But just unzip the xpi-Archiv, patch the maxVersion in install.rdf from 9.0
to 10.0 and you can install the plugin also on version 9.0.1 of thunderbird
and it shows the calendar.

Update to UrukDroid 1.6 on Archos Tablet IT 10.1 from RC7

I upgraded my table from UrukDroid 1.6 RC7 to UrukDroid 1.6 ( RapidShare ).

The Upgrade itself ( Copy of Updatefile  to /data/UrukUpdate ).

The update had no problems and everyting seems to run fine, but the forum
showed that the root account is missing.

After a reboot I had the same problem.

I solved it after a hint from sauron in the forum.

I switched to the recovery menu ( during reboot press the volume button when
the archos logo disappears )

Here I restored the rootfs-Backup, booted into UrukDroid 1.6 RC7 and started
SSH during boot, rebooted once to confirm a running sshd and installed
the updated again.
After the update the su to root is not working again, as expected, but now the
SSHD is running.

After logging in via ssh from remote with the default password "UrukDroid",
I could change the permission of /system/bin/su with
chmod ug+s /system/bin/su 

and the
su - 
in the Terminal works again.