Update to UrukDroid 1.6 on Archos Tablet IT 10.1 from RC7

I upgraded my table from UrukDroid 1.6 RC7 to UrukDroid 1.6 ( RapidShare ).

The Upgrade itself ( Copy of Updatefile  to /data/UrukUpdate ).

The update had no problems and everyting seems to run fine, but the forum
showed that the root account is missing.

After a reboot I had the same problem.

I solved it after a hint from sauron in the forum.

I switched to the recovery menu ( during reboot press the volume button when
the archos logo disappears )

Here I restored the rootfs-Backup, booted into UrukDroid 1.6 RC7 and started
SSH during boot, rebooted once to confirm a running sshd and installed
the updated again.
After the update the su to root is not working again, as expected, but now the
SSHD is running.

After logging in via ssh from remote with the default password "UrukDroid",
I could change the permission of /system/bin/su with
chmod ug+s /system/bin/su 

and the
su - 
in the Terminal works again.