Mercurial 2.1 -> new feature PHASES : prevent mq patches form accidentially pushing to remote repositories.

Mercurial 2.1 has a new feature named phases. This adds a kind of marker
to a changeset, if was already pushed to a public repo or pulled from, or
if it is only a local change ( draft ).

Theres an other state named secret, which can be used by extensiosn.

if in .hgrc

is configured, than MQ patches are considered secret:

ewer@solewer:~/entw/vsop$ hg log --template '{rev} {changeset} {date|isodate} {phase}\n{description}' -r qtip
2300  2012-02-02 14:14 +0100 secret

This prevents from pushing mq sets:

ewer@solewer:~/entw/vsop$ hg out
comparing with
searching for changes
no changes found (ignored 1 secret changesets)