Netbeans does not find the symbol to jump to in strange function namings with underscore in C/C++

I changed to a new C/C++ project, where jEdit or Eclipse is used, but
I'm using NetBean for nearly everything, so I created a project with
many different source locations.
Eclipse still fails to be useful on Solaris for C/C++. It seems as if it needs
to compile the source in some kind, which NetBean doesn't need.

But jumping to the implementation of a function didn't work.

The style is here to use underscores as separators in the name.

e.g this_is_the_name.

And the jumping with <ctrl>-<left mouse button> didn't work.
The message says:

Can not open element "this_is_the_name".

But using <ctrl>-<alt->-<shift>-<o> worked to find the symbol.

I check again with my old projects, where it worked and found out,
that the mouse-button-jumping depends on the position of the
mouse cursor.

The mouse-cursor must be at the end of the name.
When the function name is : this_is_the_name
The pointer has to be over name, otherwise the symbol is not found.
There is no problem if the name is in camel-style like thisIsTheName.