Flashupdate of a SPARC Enterprise T1000

We have a SPARC Enterprise T1000 ( didn't recognize the difference to a
Sun Fire T1000 ). Only in the ServiceProcessor ( LOM - light out manager ) of the system the showhost command showed a different banner.

The system got a new job, so a colleague installed the last recommended patch cluster and after the reboot, the system hang in a reboot cycle
complaining that the Hypervisor can't stop cpu's with a bad trap (24) , there were also timeouts in cpu xcalls.

The solution was to install the last firmware for the system.
  • Therefore the system must be powered down ( poweroff ). 
  • In the Serviceprocessor the command
    flashupdate -s <FTPServer> -f <path to firmare .bin>

    This asks for user/password on the ftp server, downloads and installs the firmware.
  • After the update a resetsc restarts the service processor and uses
    the new firmware and Hypervisor software.
  • poweron starts the system and a console -f showed, that the reboot
    cylce is gone.