Jun 30, 2012

Can map USB Devices from OpenIndiana into a VirtualBox Windows XP

During some time, I lost the function to map USB devices into a VirtualBox
Windows XP machine.

Now I found "by accident" a link, I do not remember anymore that the user has to be part of the group vboxuser.

After adding myself to this group, I can map USB devices in VirtualBox to a
virtual machine.

Jun 27, 2012

delete change displayed in meld - dif viewer

meld is a diff viewer programmed in Python using pygtk+, which I use in mercurial as a diff viewe.

This tools allows directory and file comparing.
During file comparing there are the arrows in the middle to move changes
from one side to the other like in the following image from meld:

To be able to remove a change from a file, you just have to press
<Shift> and the arrows change to an "x", which removes the change from the file.

By pressing <Ctrl> where the same line is changed in both files like the
blue colored one above, there are Arrows up and down on both sides, which
allow to copy the change above or below the change in the other file. 

The whole file can be copied from the directory-view my selecting the file and use the context menu. This contains a "Copy right" or "Copy left" and "Delete"

thanks to the guys behind meld.

Jun 21, 2012

Jun 14, 2012

How to inspect the content of the INMEMORY H2 database in JBoss AS

The JBoss application server has an internal inmemory H2 database .

This database is not available from external, so when using this database
you can not check what's in the database.

Now I read about a JBoss Developer Framework which has a lot of tutorials and this contains a H2Console, which allows to inspect and query the
inmemory database.

It is deployed as a webarchive and can be reached via

Jun 6, 2012

Updated Thunderbird 13.0 and Firefox 13.0 on OpenIndiana 151a4

After the release, I have installed
Thunderbird 13.0 and Firefox 13.0 on my OpenIndiana 151a installation.

For thunderbird there is also a release of 1.5 of lightning.