GUI-Searchdialog for maven dependencies in NetBeans

In one of our last projects, we used maven as a build management tool.

My colleagues used Eclipse and I was jealous about the processing of the pom.xml.
There was a GUI displaying the content of the pom and thy had also a dialog
to search for the exact coordinates of the necessary dependency.

Yesterday I view a screencast from Adam Bien about Mocking without interfaces.

During the screencast I saw, that he used a GUI dialog to search for the
maven dependency without knowing the group and artifact ID in NetBeans.

I have a 7.2 version installed and here,
  • I open the pom.xml, 
  • right click into the editor
  • select "insert code"
  • select "Dependency"
and get the following dialog:

After inserting "mockito" into the Query-field, the "Search Results" show the
found artifacts and after selecting the artifact, the maven parts are filled in
and can be adjusted.