Aug 25, 2012

VirtualBox V4.1.20 on OpenInddiana 151a5 installe

VirtualBox V4.1.20 is released. ( see changelog ).

I've installed it on OpenIndiana 151a5 without problems. Reinstalled the
Extension-Pack and updated the GuestAdditions to the Windows XP SP3

After some restarts ( maybe because of resizing the Harddisk ) the system
restarted without problems.

Aug 9, 2012

convert hex number to decimal in gcalc on OpenIndiana

Today I had to convert the a hex number to the decimal number.

As usual I thought to use the gcalc ( Gnome Calculator ) but on
OpenIndiana 151a5 there are no radio buttons to switch between bases.

In the "Programming Mode" are to buttons for base16, base8  and base2, but
how to convert

Just enter the hex number, press the X16 button or <Ctrl-H> and just
press <Enter>  again.
This does the conversion.

Aug 8, 2012

Rectangular Selection in the NetBeans Editor

Today I had a strange course in NetBeans. During the blinking there
was a rolling line bar visible. Also the selection was a little bit strange.

I didn't recognize, that also an icon in toolbar of the editor window changed.

The rectangular edit was activated by the key sequence


This allows to do a rectangular select:

and not a selection over the lines.

After the selection you can type words and the whole selection is changed:

Here I entered the word Test.

The selection of this mode is done in the toolbar by clicking on the
icon with the dashed rectangle and the arrow pointer.