changed main OS on laptop to Fedora 17 instead of OpenIndiana

This week I changed my main OS to Fedora 17 instead of OpenIndiana.


Missing some support from OI:
  • Skype was only available in a Virtualbox, but without microphone
  • Adobe has stopped developing the flashplayer
  • soapUI, was only possible via a redirect installation on a Linux box. 
  • SAP Gui is only available for Solaris SPARC
  • enigmail was not compiled since a long time for OpenIndiana/Solaris
    for an actual Thunderbird.
  • KVM support didn't work for me, because the hardware is missing EPT
    ( otherwise I would have tested using a linux as KVM guest with skype
     and the other things )
  • hibernateing OpenIndiana didn't work, because the nvidia driver is
    missing the system call ( an older version of nvidia for OpenSolaris had
    the system call :-( )
  • I have to learn again a lot of linux administration, because many
    things changed in the last >5 years, I was using mainly OpenSolaris/OpenIndiana.

But I still have OpenIndiana on Fedora 17 as a KVM guest.  There is a problem with USB, but that doesn't hurt.

What I miss already very hard is the compression of the ZSF filesystem.
Now the space is much more less, as I thought - the compression does a
good job.

If I'm using sometime a newer hardware, I would definitly try the other way
around and use OI as the main OS again.