Fedora 17 with external DVI-Screen

The docking station has an extension for VGA and DVI, where I have an
external monitor connected.

In OpenIndiana, the NVidia Driver supported the use of the DVI to extend
the Display, but Fedore just let the Xserver crash with the nouveau driver.

Only the VGA port worked, but the display quality was bad. So I installed
the original NVidia driver. Therefore I followed the readme in the driver
package ( extract with the option -x ) and disabled the nouveau driver and
the kmod settings. After a reboot, you have to switch to the terminal and
leave XWindow-Session. ( init 3 ). Here you can start the installation, which
worked for me without problems. After this you can install the original
NVidia driver.

Today I rebooted and the Laptop screen is still the primary and the external
monitor was recognized. ( maybee the config is stored somehwere - have not tested the without the external screen. )

With the nouveau driver and VGA, the external monitor got the primary
screen, which I don't like, because I use the mouse and keyboard from a
sunray-Unit which is shared by synergy.