Jan 31, 2013

copy of files with nautilus in Fedora 18( Gnome 3.6 ) - alternative to second pane with F3

The new Fedora 18 uses the code base of Gnome 3.6. In Gnome 3.6, the
file manager nautilus got a huge redesign.

In Fedora 17, nautilus could open a second panel of a directory by pressing "F3".

Now you could have selected files and issued a "Copy to other pane".
In this way it was easy to copy multiple files from different directories in an
easy way.

The nautilus of Gnome 3.6 does not support the second pane.

But in the Window you can select your files and via the context-menu ( right-click) , the "Copy To" opens a file dialog, which has a "Recently used" section,
where the last folders are listed.

This allows again a faster copy for me:

Netbeans 7.3RC1 -> Paste with history -> How to select an entry

NetBeans 7.3 ( I think so ) has a new feature by giving a clipboard of all copied items.

You can reach this on Linux/Solaris via <Ctrl>-<Shift>-<d>.
This shows a small popup with the last items which are copied in the editor:

You can cycle through the list by the cursor-Up/Down or much faster, by
pressing the number in the first column.

This is a very usefull feature, if you change a lot in a file with multiple
different items.

Jan 30, 2013

SourceCode Pro font installation in Fedora 18

Adobe has designed a monospaced font for developers.

The font SourceCode Pro can be downloaded from sourceForge. 

Font installation in Fedora 18, I've found here.

  • Created a ~/.fonts directory. 
  • Copied all *.ttf fonts into this directory. 
  • run fc-cache -v -f ~/.fonts
  • select the font in your application like ( netbeans, jedit, ... ) 

Jan 24, 2013

USB disk were not automatically mounted in Fedora 18

I recognized, that an plugged in MP3 player didn't get mounted automatically in my Fedora 18 system. After a short question in the german Fedora project, this should work ( I can't say if it worked since the upgrade ).

After searching which service is not running with

systemctl list-units --failed 

showed, that udisks2.service failed ( because of hibernate/resume I didn't recognize this for some time ).

After starting the service again:

systemctl stop udisks2.service
systemctl start udisks2.service 

the automatic mounting worked again.

Jan 18, 2013

Upgraded Fedora 17 to Fedora 18 on Fujitsu CELSIUS

I had Fedora 17 running for some time.
Now I've upgraded to Fedora 18.

My first attempt was, to use a DVD-ISO, but this failed.

fedup-cli --iso <path to iso> --debuglog=/fedupdebug.log

It installed a grub menu entry, but booting this entry just caused some activities on the disk, a reboot and nothing was changed.

The network-update didn't work through the proxy, so I updated at home without
a proxy with

fedup-cli --network 18 --debuglog=/fedupdebug.log 

and this worked for some hours and now I'm up with a running Fedora 18 system. 

The first thing was, to install the NVidia driver. So I had to deactivated nouveau.

There has to be a file 99-local.conf in /etc/dracut.conf.d with:
# drivers to omit
omit_drivers+=" nouveau radeon"

and afterwards
 dracut -f -v
to update the ramdisk.

The nvidia-settings failed also to start.  The libpangox library is missing.

After installing the package pangox-compat, the config also starts.

Screensaver has a new feature. When active you have to slide up by the mouse button, to get to the password entry.

Jan 10, 2013

bash stores path to an executeable and doesn't recognize,when the command is gone

I had a problem with a script, I've stored in a local binary path, which is on the
environment PATH.

Now I had a redesign and the executable was moved.
But when it is called, the old executable on the previous path is stored.
A call of which <file> returns the new location.

The clean the cache of executables in bash:

[ewer@sunray1:/users/trinomic/ewer]>hash -h 
-bash: hash: -h: invalid option 
hash: usage: hash [-lr] [-p pathname] [-dt] [name ...] 
hits command 
1 /usr/bin/which 
6 /usr/bin/tel