copy of files with nautilus in Fedora 18( Gnome 3.6 ) - alternative to second pane with F3

The new Fedora 18 uses the code base of Gnome 3.6. In Gnome 3.6, the
file manager nautilus got a huge redesign.

In Fedora 17, nautilus could open a second panel of a directory by pressing "F3".

Now you could have selected files and issued a "Copy to other pane".
In this way it was easy to copy multiple files from different directories in an
easy way.

The nautilus of Gnome 3.6 does not support the second pane.

But in the Window you can select your files and via the context-menu ( right-click) , the "Copy To" opens a file dialog, which has a "Recently used" section,
where the last folders are listed.

This allows again a faster copy for me: