Upgraded Fedora 17 to Fedora 18 on Fujitsu CELSIUS

I had Fedora 17 running for some time.
Now I've upgraded to Fedora 18.

My first attempt was, to use a DVD-ISO, but this failed.

fedup-cli --iso <path to iso> --debuglog=/fedupdebug.log

It installed a grub menu entry, but booting this entry just caused some activities on the disk, a reboot and nothing was changed.

The network-update didn't work through the proxy, so I updated at home without
a proxy with

fedup-cli --network 18 --debuglog=/fedupdebug.log 

and this worked for some hours and now I'm up with a running Fedora 18 system. 

The first thing was, to install the NVidia driver. So I had to deactivated nouveau.

There has to be a file 99-local.conf in /etc/dracut.conf.d with:
# drivers to omit
omit_drivers+=" nouveau radeon"

and afterwards
 dracut -f -v
to update the ramdisk.

The nvidia-settings failed also to start.  The libpangox library is missing.

After installing the package pangox-compat, the config also starts.

Screensaver has a new feature. When active you have to slide up by the mouse button, to get to the password entry.