Update Fedora 18 to kernel 3.7.6 let fail to install NVidia 310.32 driver

Today I updated my Fedora 18 system and the update installed kernel 3.7.6
into the system.

After rebooting, I have to install the NVidia driver again. The current version is 310.32.

But the install-Script fails to recoginze the kernel sources.

I found a hint here, what the problem could be.

After extracting the NVidia-Driver with

./NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-310.32 -x

cd NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-310.32/kernel/

vi conftest.sh 

Search for PATCHLEVEL on line 1702, I commented some lines:

1705                 #if [ -n "$PATCHLEVEL" -a $PATCHLEVEL -ge 6 \
1706                  #       -a -n "$SUBLEVEL" -a $SUBLEVEL -le 5 ]; then
1707                     SELECTED_MAKEFILE=Makefile.kbuild
1708                     RET=0
1709                 #fi

as shown here.

After this


installs the driver and a reboot starts the NVidia driver again and shows the
Gnome3 Desktop.