Deployment of war file failed on IBM WebSphere 8, which died before with a full filesystem, because it seems as if it is already deployed

We've an IBM WebSphere 8.0 running on an AIX development server.

During the deployment via the web-console, the WebSphere died because
the filesystem got full.

After cleaning up and restarting IBM WebSphere, the deployment was started again, but the messages said, that there is allready an application
with this name deployed.

Although the webconsole on the didn't show such an application 
>$AdminApp list 
I found a hint here, which shows some files to manipulate and remove.

So I stopped the WebSphere, processed the files listed there and restarted.

After the restart, I can deploy the war again :-)

  • <WebSphere>/profiles/<profile_name>/config/cells/<cell_name<\nodes/<node_name>/serverindex.xml 
  • remove all files/folder ..../profiles/<profile_name>/installedApps\<cell_name>/<application_name>
  • remove also all files/folders under .../profiles/<profile_name>/wstemp/
  • remove also the corresponding files  in .../profiles/<profile_name>/tmp
  • <Profile_Dir>/config/cells/<cellname>/blas
  • <Profile_Dir>/config/cells/<cellname>/cus