Marking a screenshot with circles and arrows in GIMP

GIMP is a nice tool for doing graphics without having large commercial products. Sometime its not easy to find a way for some things.

GIMP allows you to acquire a screenshot from the desktop, a window or a
region ( at least on Linux ).

You can select File->Create->Screenshot to get to the menu.

When you have the picture, for some documentation you may have the
need to mark some areas with a circle:

Use the ellipse selection tool and select the area. After this go to Edit->Stroke Selection.

This show a dialog for some settings. The color is taken from the current
foreground color.

After pressing "Stroke" the selected area is surrounded by an ellipse.

If there are multiple Items you can use arrows.

I have installed the GIMP Scripts FUs ( see ), which provides an
Arrow in the Script-Fu Menu.

How to draw an arrow comes from this blog.

You take the paths tool and draw a path:

When you have drawn the path, Select the arrow menu item from Script-Fu-Menu:

After pressing OK you get an arrow. See the options in the dialog above to
remove the path after the arrow is drawn.