print with lpd on AIX to a printer over a CUPS installation on a Solaris 10 system

I had the need of beeing able to print on a spool printer on an AIX 6.1 system.

The installation of a SystemV LPD-Service was more ore less straight forward on the AIX
system by smitty. There was only a firewall rule necessary to allow the port 515 for the lpd service.

On a solaris 10 system there was already a cups ( Common Unix Printing System )  up and running.

CUPS has a cups-lpd backend, which is designed to work with inetd.
Therefore a entry in the /etc/inet/inetd.conf  was necessary:

printer stream tcp nowait lp /opt/local/cups/lib/cups/daemon/cups-lpd cups-lpd -o document-format=application/octet-stream

a inetconv converts the entry into an SMF-Service.

But after doing this on AIX the printer queue always went down. A tcp-Trace revealed, that the
cups-lpd sent back, that the printer queue was not accepting print jobs.

After some searching, I found a hint about the user with which the cups-lpd was started.

After setting the suer equal to that one ussed for cups itself in the SMF-Service svc:/network/printer/tcp:default
the printing was working from AIX.

svccfg -s svc:/network/printer/tcp
setprop inetd_start/user = astring: <user>
setprop inetd_start/group= astring: <group>

If the print queue on AIX is doww, smitty helps with the short path qstart

smitty qstart 

smitty -> Print Spooling -> AIX Print Spooling -> Manage Print Queues -> Start a Print Queue