How to connect to a WebSphere MQ Server with HermesJMS

I had the problem to get a GUI for connecting to the WebSphere MQ Server,
for sending JMS Messages, which should be processed by a developed MDB.

After the Queue is created in the MQ-Server, HermeJMS must be confgured.

HermesJMS is a GUI, which allows to connect the JMS-Brokers,investigate the Queues/Topics and also to manage/send/delete messages in the Queues.

For MQ-Connections, you have to installed or provide the jar's from the

 First you create a new session:

In the new session click on the tab below to create a new Classpath-Group
for the MQ-Server. In the mask you see the jar's, from the MQ-Client-Installation.

In the Session-Properties, you name the session. Here MQSeries and select
in the plugin section the predefined "IBM WeSphereMQ".

The Connection Factory is "", because I'm connecting to a queue and the Loader is the ClasspathGroup you defined before.

The properties you can add by a right click into the properties window and
set the parameters for the MQ-Server, like host, port of the MQServer and the queue-Manager for this connection.
The transportType 1 is for a TCP/IP connection, I got from different Sources on the web. 

 Here are the queues already discovered. You can select from the session the Discover context-menu entry and get all the queues.

After a double click on the queue a connection is build and you can select the queue and with a right-Click select to create a new message

And the message window allows you to select the data and the type of the
JMS-Message, you like to send. Depending on the type, the PayLoad shows
different options to create the message. 

Update: With Version 1.14 of HermesJMS, the connection is always closed after the first sending of a message. Version 1.15 solved this problem, so
that you can send the message more often and the connection is not closed.