How to search for files containing a desired text by the help of nautilus browser in Fedora 19 / Linux

Gnome3 has the Filebrowser nautilus as default.

The filebrowsers appearance has one window. With the help of <Ctrl>-<t> you can open another tab.

On the top is a search button, which searches for files, but sometimes I have a lot of files and just want to look into the ones, which contain a special text.

The way till  now was to use jedit, which can search for a text in files, but
nautilus also supports this featuer.

open the menu with the tooth-wheel and select search files

In the dialog you can select the directory in which you like to search and for what additional properties:

After selecting the type of available Options, press the "+" Add button and insert your text.

Here are the additional filter options:

After adding the "Contains the text" and adding your search text, press the "Find" button on the right bottom of the dialog and the result shows your files.

This is a hidden gem, I just detected by accident.