Nov 21, 2013

Graphical Explanation of Concurrency in Java with a nice app named Java Concurrent Animated

This week the JavaMagazine for November/December 2013 was release.

In this issue is an interview with Java Champion Victor Grazi and the tool
he created named

This tool offers a GUI where you can select the area of concurrency and do a
"simulation" by giving a graphical feedback, which makes it much easier to 


Nov 20, 2013

Code Completion in XML Documents within NetBeans 7.4 and a XSD

In former times I used XML files in Netbeans with the codecompletion, but the files had DTD's.

Now I came back to edit XML files, but this time with XSD's.

The XML files look like this:

<repo xmlns="" >

Now I can add a Mapping via the Menu path "Tools -> DTD and XML Schemas"

Under the entry of "User Catalog" I can add a new DTD/ or Schema, when it is selected.

After pressing the "Add Local..." you get the following dialog:

Under SystemID you set the link, which is set under xmlns and "Browse" under URI to the xsd.

After the OK, the completion doesn't work always, but a
restart helps ;-).