Fedora 19 - theme changing does not work

I worked since Fedora 17 on the same system by upgrading. Till last time
I had Fedora 19 and a problem with the harddisk. After a fresh installation
a lot of things were missing.

An other thing is changing the theme. After installing a lot of themes with
yum, they were not visible in gnome-tweak-tool. I found a hint here about

Using the dconf-editor and navigate to org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences and the item theme, lets you set one of the themes found in /usr/share/themes.

After changing a theme, the look changes.

I currently use Clearlooks, because this theme changes the titlebar to blue,
if the window is active.

The other ( default-theme?) didn't make any huge visible change between the active and the other windows on the screen.