How to convert a PST-File of Outlook to mbox Format? -> libpst is your friend?

I got a pst file from an outlook-client, but I'm using thunderbird on linux.
Now I had to convert somehow the pst file to a mbox-Format, which can be
used by thunderbird.

After some searching a found this site, which revered me to libpst.

But this page is not available anymore, so Google referd me to

After downloading, doing some yum install's on my Fedora to get the
dependencies, I could compile and install libpst.

After this just a simple:

bin/readpst -o /output_dir -u /outlook.pst
Opening PST file and indexes...
Processing Folder "Gelöschte Elemente"
Processing Folder "Bugreports"
        "Outlook-Datendatei" - 2 items done, 0 items skipped.
        "Gelöschte Elemente" - 3 items done, 0 items skipped.
        "Bugreports" - 700 items done, 0 items skipped.

extracted the emails from the pst.

By the help of the ImportExportTools-AddOn of thunderbird I could
import the resulting mbox-File and read the mails froom the pst file.