How to search for files containing a text fragment in Fedora20/ Gnome 3.10.2

About a year ago, I posted about a function in Gnome Nautilus ( File manager ) in gnome, on how to search for files containing a text fragment.

But this function was removed. I didn't want to change the file manger
or use one from a different Desktop environment, so I used a shell script.

Now I found a solution or two ;-). Install gnome-search-tool, which supports the searching for the content and some more by  adding a Nautilus action

After searching in the software-repository, I found the package


After installing with
sudo yum install  nautilus-search-tool.x86_64 
and killing and restarting nautilus ( kill all running instances )
I got a context-menu entry, which starts the gnome-search-tool 
and you do not need to add an action.

After starting gnome-search-tool, the Folder to start searching in is set to
None. Selecting "Other" in "Look in Folder" opens a file browser selection dialog, which is presetted with the acutal selected directory in nautilus, which  can be taken over to the search.