Feb 24, 2015

last docker package ( docker-io-1.5.0-1.fc21.x86_64 ) on Fedora 21 doesn't allow to request data as "normal" user. -> PROXY-environment variables are respected now.

During the last updates of Fedora 21, the docker.io package was updated to docker-io-1.5.0-1.fc21.x86_64.

Today I tried to start some containers, but got an error:

FATA[0000] Error response from daemon: 404 page not found 

The docker-service is up and running 

[ewer@lxewer jboss-as-7.2.0.Final]$ systemctl status docker● docker.service - Docker Application Container Engine   Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/docker.service; enabled)   Active: active (running) since Di 2015-02-24 10:33:37 CET; 3min 50s ago     Docs: http://docs.docker.com Main PID: 20536 (docker)   CGroup: /system.slice/docker.service           └─20536 /usr/bin/docker -d --selinux-enabled

Switching to root allowed the execution of 'docker ps -a' and showed all containers. 

My problem, was the setting of the environment variables HTTP_PROXY, http_proxy  and so on. 

After removing the environment variables, I got the desired output: 

[ewer@lxewer JBOSS-Deployment ] docker ps -aCONTAINER ID        IMAGE                 COMMAND                CREATED             STATUS                     PORTS                     NAMES8d204953f2e2        ewer/hsf:latest       "/opt/jboss/bin/stan   3 days ago          Exited (137) 3 days ago                              hsf                 2f8865d42d82        1215b5384b4a          "/bin/sh -c /customi   3 days ago          Exited (0) 3 days ago                                focused_engelbart   22e56631890d        ewer/eaionba:latest   "/usr/bin/supervisor   4 days ago          Exited (0) 4 days ago                                eaionba   

It seems, as if the docker command respects the proxy environment variables now. 

Feb 5, 2015

Too many tabs open in chrome -> Manage the tabs with a cute little extension "TooManyTabs for Chrome"

Do you have a lot of tabs open in chrome? If so, you are using a lot of memory, which each tab uses.
You can bookmark the site's, but this was always a problem for me on firefox and chrome.
The frequently used sites are stored as tab in the chrome extension "TooManyTabs for Chrome". 

This extension allows to manage the tabs in different categories. Select the Icon and you can switch through the Categories. The yellow title bars on the right side are the saved tabs and the widows on the left are the open ones, which can be closed and moved to the category. 

When you are in a tab a right click to get the context menu, allows you to send the tab to a category of
the tab-manager.