May 28, 2015

wildfly configuration is not stored during docker image build with the help of the

I attempted to automatically build a docker image containing a preconfigured wildfly.

The configuration is stored in a simple text-file,which contains JNDI-Names, datasoruces and so on.
This text-file is executed by the over the command line duringthe image build process of docker.

But my problem was, that the build executed, the configuration was executed. ( On a local installed
and running wildfly-instance the configuration was available after stopping wildfly and looking into
the configuration-xml file ).

The used wildfly was from camunda with the preconfigured camunda BPMN engine.

For executing the configuration I used the shell script from here, which worked fine.

The reason, why the configuration was not available in the built docker image is the timing.

The starting wildfly was available, but needed some time to start up the camunda engine. During this
time the configuration was executed and wildfly stopped before camunda was ready.

When waiting some more time for the startup, also the configuration was stored in the docker image.

May 27, 2015

Fedora 22/Gnome 3.16: SkypeNotification was not visible anymore

I use the SkypeNotification for the Gnome Shell from

After starting skype, an Icon appears and notifies on some changes on chats.

This one I had to update to the last version from the git-Repo and after applying the update
to <homedir>/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions and restarting the gnome-shell with
<alt>-<F2> and the command 'r', the icon appeared again.

Fedora 22/Gnome 3.16: Notification pane with "meta"-"m" key sequence doesn't show the runnig skype/dropbox icons

On Fedora 21 by pressing <meta>-<m>, I got a small pane on the bottom where the notifications
appeared and e.g skype and dropbox, which are running in the background.

On Fedora 22, the notification moved to the calendar display, but the icons for skype and dropbox are
not visible there.

I found a hint on the lower left corner of the screen.

by pressing on the arrow you get a pane coming in with the icons:

updated from Fedora 21 to the fresh release of Fedora 22

I updated from Fedora 21 to Fedora 22.
Everything worked fine, except my old graphics card on the laptop a NVidia Quadro FX.
On Fedora 21 I downloaded the driver from the site.
But the last version 340.76 didn't compile on the new Fedora 22 with Kernel 4.0.4.

After searching, I found the following link. Somebody already tried this and got a response on a
different version. I edited my NVidia-Source and the compilation worked.

The update was executed with

fedup --network 22
Currently I'm missing the coloring of the titlebar of the active window :-(