Making/postprocessing Screenshots on Fedora 22 system.

The repositories have more tools. One is the gnome-screenhot. 

This has some shortcuts to captures screenshots:

But here you can not process the data.

You get some more options, when you start gnome-screenshot -i: 

 Here you can select your option and after the capture you can save the screenshot.

But this doesn't let you process the picture. Here shutter ( is also in the Fedora repo ) has more advantages.

After taking the screenshot of context-menus, windows, screen or areas, you can start an editor.

There you can Crop a selection and just save the interesting area:

Here is the result. gnome-screenshot -i with a timer of 3 seconds was used to capture the Shutter editor with the menu.
When you select Crop, the screen is darkened and you can select the area. After pressing "Return/Enter" or pressing the "Crop" Button you get just the selected area  and can overwrite the image.