RedHat created an OpenSource Font named Overpass

Yesterday I got the news about a new font named Overpass which was developed by RedHat.

You can get this font from

I extracted the font on my Fedora 22 system under /usr/share/fonts/Overpass

ls /usr/share/fonts/Overpass/Overpass Bold Italic.ttf  Overpass ExtraLight Italic.ttf  Overpass Italic.ttf        Overpass Light.ttfOverpass_Bold.ttf         Overpass Extra Light.ttf        Overpass Light Italic.ttf  Overpass_Regular.ttf

After this: 

sudo fc-cache -f -v 

Updated the font cache and the font can be used. 

Another font is the Source Code Pro from Adobe. 
This is a monospace font designed for developers. 

Update: Today another free font Hack for Developers is available: