UnixTools under Windows as native executeables.

Since I'm forced to use windows now instead of a linux/unix system :-(
I'm in the process of getting a suitable working environment.

My shell of usage on windows will be the powershell for now. It's is different to a unix shell,
but has a command line interface to many windows functions like service management and so on.

The powershell also aliases some commands to get the same commands as on linux, but the options
sometime differ and some commands are simply missing ( e.g. grep )

There is a project on sourceforge name UnxUtils. This project ports a bunch of utilities to windows
without an emulation layer around.

Just install the tools and set the PATH environment to


The problem is now, that powershell aliases some commands. An
ls -altr 

does not work. You have to remove the aliases:

remove-item alias:rm alias:ls

and you have a go.