Sep 26, 2016

Setting JDK for multiple Maven Projects in NetBeans 8.1

After I had problems, starting my NetBeans on Windows 8.1 PRO with a whole bunch of maven-projects, I removed everything in my Home-Directory from Netbeans and started from a fresh

There is a plugin, I didn't recognize before: Set JDK for Maven projects.

After installing this plugin, you can select multiple projects in the Projects-Window and do a right-click.

Select the "Set JDK" and you can select which JDK should be used for the maven projects.

The JDK's have to be configured under Tools/Java Platforms

Sep 19, 2016

How to activate the telnet client on Windows 8.1

PuTTY supports the telnet protocol, but there is also a telnet client directly from Windows 8.1
The useful link for me was here:

<Windows>-<X> -> Control Panel -> Programs -> "Turn Windows features on or off". In the
upcoming list you can activate the telnet client:

Sep 16, 2016

Touchpad on Dell Lattitued E7450 always moved cursor during typing

After getting a new Laptop "Dell LATTITUDE E7540" with Windows 8.1 PRO, I had very often
a problem when coding in an IDE or writing text in an editor or using Word.

During Coding the hand hit somehow the touchpad and the mouse cursor moved and a
typed somewhere in a completely different place. ( Ctrl-Z for Undo was always a great help ;-)

After a little bit searching for deactivating the touchpad ( which is not my favorite, because of
using the laptop without a mouse ), I found the Settings:

Start the Control-Panel and select "Hardware and Sound" in the next window select the link for
the mouse ( see step 1 above ) after this selct 2 - the Dell Touchpad settings and then on the slider,
I moved to the max ( 3 ) and now the touchpad doesn't react so far on my typing.

Sep 15, 2016

Visual Studio Code editor opens a new instance window on every double click on a file

Visual Studio Code is an Editor similar to the whole Visual Studio IDE, but just an editor with a
lot of plugins.

When VS Code is assigned as an editor to an extension, you can double-click on a file in an explorer
or other file manager and the file will be opened in the editor.

Per Default a new window instance is opened for every file you click.
The VS Code supports tabbed editing and to activate this also for opening files via the explorer you
have to set a user option.

The helpful link for me was found here

Open the User Settings via File->Preferences->User Settings and insert the following configuration:

    "window.openFilesInNewWindow": false,

After this all files are opened in a single instance window with tabbed display:

Sep 2, 2016

automatic regular Backup of directories in Windows

On my former Fedora 23 Laptop I used back to do a regular backup on an external USB drive.

Now I had to switch over to Windows 8.1 and was searching for a backup tool, which does it's job
without any manual intervention.

My current tool is Areca Backup.

The tool provides after the download a GUI to configure the backup job:

This is the overview of the workbench with a defined Backup scenario.

The Dialog window shows the path to do the backup and allows to set the source directories to backup and so on.
I disabled the ZIP-Function for the backup to have direct access to the backup files.

By using the context menu you can create a Script, which can be used to automate the backup:

In the following dialog you can configure the backup and the name of the script to be created.

This generated script can be used to create a scheduled task:
In the Task Scheduler add a new task and configure the generated script to be executed:

After some runs of the task you see in the backup folder each backup.