automatic regular Backup of directories in Windows

On my former Fedora 23 Laptop I used back to do a regular backup on an external USB drive.

Now I had to switch over to Windows 8.1 and was searching for a backup tool, which does it's job
without any manual intervention.

My current tool is Areca Backup.

The tool provides after the download a GUI to configure the backup job:

This is the overview of the workbench with a defined Backup scenario.

The Dialog window shows the path to do the backup and allows to set the source directories to backup and so on.
I disabled the ZIP-Function for the backup to have direct access to the backup files.

By using the context menu you can create a Script, which can be used to automate the backup:

In the following dialog you can configure the backup and the name of the script to be created.

This generated script can be used to create a scheduled task:
In the Task Scheduler add a new task and configure the generated script to be executed:

After some runs of the task you see in the backup folder each backup.