cherrypicking with TortoiseSVN (subversion)

Now I have to work again with Subversion (TortioseSVN on Windows) as VCS system.

To get only the changes of one specific revision to a different branch, the keyword for searching
is cherry picking.

TortoiseSVN supports the create and apply a patch, but creating a patch only works on the current
working copy - before the commit.

When you want to have a patch from one specific revision, you can

  • show the log
  • mark a/the revision(s) you like to have in the patch
  • Show as unified diff 

  • This displays a window with the changes in a unified diff format. 
  • In the Files-Menu, you can select "Apply Patch...", which opens a
    directory selection dialog, where to apply the patch.

  • the following window allows you to selected the each or all files to apply