executing a chain of/multiple requests with postman

In this post, I wrote about reusing response data for a different request, by storing the information.

But now, I'd like to execute multiple requests one after the other, with just one click.

To get this feature of postman, you define multiple requests in a collection and add some code in
the test section:

This is a simple call and in the Test section, the next request is set by


The parameter for setNextRequest is the name of the request, as you can see in the collection on the
left side. After defining multiple requests with a "workflow" through request, you can "run" the request.

Select the arrow of the collection and press the run button as can be seen in the next screenshot.

After pressing the "run" button, the collection runner is opened and you can start the "workflow" of

As you can see, in the middle part you select the collection and the environment to use and press
the "Start Test" button. On the right side, you see the result of each request and on the left side is a
history of the executed sequencies.