Monitoring a docker-engine with portainer (

During the last days, I read about "Portainer" ( ), which is a continuation of a
UI fork.

On my local system, I use the Docker Toolbox on Windows 8 for my experiments.

After some attempts, I failed to get any data, but now I got it up and running.

  1. start a machine for docker (already created or create a new one)

    docker-machine start java
  2. set the environment in your shell (in my case Powershell)

    docker-machine env java | Invoke-Expression
  3. Pull the Image

    docker pull portainer/portainer
  4. Start the portainer container

    docker run -d -p 9000:9000 --name portainer portainer/portainer
With this steps, the preparation is finished. Now we can access the UI in a browser. 
To get the IP address of the docker-machine you can use the environment or the docker-machine command:

$env:DOCKER_HOSTdocker-machine.exe ip java

On the first access to the container you have to define the admin password: 

After the password definition, you get a login where you enter the new password. 

The next step is, to define the first endpoint, which is guided:

Here you provide a name (which is shown in the UI), the IP-Address of the docker-machine with
the port (you get it from the $env:DOCKER_HOST environment variable).

The docker-machine is secured by TLS, so you have to provide the certificates.
The files can be found under your home directory:

After this, you continue with the "Connect" Button and get a screen with a failure box:

Here I always thought, I did something wrong. The problem is, that the new endpoint is not used!!

When you select the endpoint on the left side under "ACTIVE ENDPOINT", you get the data: 

With this UI, you can do a lot of basic stuff on the docker-machine like starting/stopping/killing containers. Pulling Images, maintaining the network part and a lot more.