Searching for Java classes outside of your projects in a dedicated path within NetBeans

I'm using NetBeans as my Java IDE.

For my current project, I'm working in multiple maven projects which are using some core framework. But - I do not work in the core framework.

Sometimes I have to look into the Code of the core framework.
How to do this.

Store the Code somewhere on your local disk, open a file browser (in my case Multi Commander) and search for the file.
The bad thing is

  • to switch from the IDE and 
  • to show the code outside of the IDE without any syntax highlighting. 
There is a Plugin available to do exactly this thing in NetBeans. It's called Quick File Search
which is available in the Plugin Manager to install: 

After the installation you have to restart the IDE and configure the plugin in the Tools->Options window:

Provide the Base folder, where to search and after pressing <Ctrl>-<I> you get into the search window in the right upper corner and can start to search for the File or other Types and get also the
list of files from this basefolder outside of any project.