Conversion of a CVS repository to GIT

After detecting an old CVS (Concurrent Version System) , we'd like to convert this repository with
multiple modules to a GIT repository.

There is a module in git named git-cvsimport to import a CVS Repository.
The basic command is:
git cvsimport -o <targetbranch> -d <CVSROOT like :pserver:<host>:/repo <cvs-module>   
The problem is, that this command converts one CVS-Module (see CVS/module file) of the

On the repository I'm working on, there are multiple modules and they belong together. After
a little search, I found a script handling multiple modules:

The script linked in this page named is doing the job for me.
Bring in the script to the docker container.

Startup an interactive  docker container with e.g. CentOS as the image

docker run -it --name centos centos bash
yum -y install git git-cvs cvs cvsps 

git config --global "email@domain"
git config --global "Your Name"
 git init <gitrepo>  cd <gitrepo>

Before using the script, a local git repository has to be initialized as shown above, after this,
the CVSROOT has to be modified in and convert all repos with the
following command.

../ <module1> <module2> <module3>

This sequence converts each module and merges it into the new GIT-Repository with a merge commit.