HyperSearch-Result or Search in all Documents in Visual Studio Code.

In jEdit you can activate the option HyperSearch in the Search-Window to present all results, depening on the selection where to search.

Notepad++ has a Search in current or all opened documents. The selection is not as good to go over e.g. a directory, like in jEdit.

In Visual Studio Code, I was searching always with <Ctrl>-<f>, which is searching in the current
document an showing the number of hits.

But there is an other short cut <Ctrl>-<Shift>-<f> or the lens at the side of the main window.

This opens a side-bar where you can select, what you like to search  and which files to include and
Since Visual Studio Code build's on the concept of a directory as the ROOT it searches in this directory and perhaps open files in the instance: